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Internal Customer Service

Internal Customer Service 1 day Course summary This course will help you understand the impact that internal customer service has on external customer service. Focusing…

Customer Loyalty Programme

Course summary This 10 day programme will enable you to become highly skilled practitioners in the use of the tools and techniques of Customer Loyalty…
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Parenting – What do I do now?

As a self-employed trainer and consultant, all my work for the foreseeable future has been cancelled. That means I have no source of income. In…

Understanding Change

Understand the impact that change has on people and their emotions

Train the Trainer

Gain the knowledge and skills needed to be a successful trainer

Report Writing

Plan, write and present reports in a clear and professional way

Presentation Skills

Learn how to deliver successful and effective presentations.

Performance Management

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT 1 day Course overview This course will help you understand the importance of managing performance and help you to translate strategic plans into…

Parenting for Performance

Will had his first singing lesson on Monday evening. He absolutely loved it and I have to admit I am surprised to say extremely tuneful!…

Minute Taking

MINUTE TAKING 1 day Course overview This course will help you to plan meetings and type up minutes in an effective and structured way. Focusing…
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