Turn Your People into Heroes!

Are you as a Manager always trying to be the hero and save the day?

Joseph Campbell travelled to over 100 countries documenting myths and hero stories. He discovered that all hero stories have a similar pattern. What he learned, inspired him to write a book, ‘The Hero with a Thousand Faces’. This book is required reading for people who want to become screenwriters, film directors and movie producers. Movies like ‘The Matrix’, ‘Star Wars’, ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Spiderman’ all follow this hero model.

  • Everything begins as normal
  • A life changing event occurs and the Hero receives a call to adventure
  • The Hero sees a road of trials ahead and questions their own ability
  • The Hero resists until the Mentor appears on the scene
  • The Mentor gives the Hero the encouragement needed to accept the quest, resulting in a discovery of self knowledge

What role does the manager assume? Ride in on a horse and save the day, making themselves the hero?

Or is the managers job the Mentor, helping the Hero to see what has changed in their world and how, by accepting their call, can adapt and better survive?

Turn your people into Heroes and you will win!