Recruiting for Behaviour

How you can recruit the right people with the right behaviours.

Recruiting the Right People for your Culture

Where there is a lack of alignment between the values and the culture of an organisation, and the personal values of employees, the result is low performance.

Therefore recruiting the right people/attracting and retaining talent is imperative to a high performing team and ultimately the success of an organisation

How do you currently recruit? Do you use job descriptions, performance standards and skills matrix? Have you thought about hiring for character and training the necessary skills? Ideally we would want both. But you can train someone to be competent. You can’t change someone’s character.

Recruiting on behaviour as opposed to competency is a different way to recruit. More and more companies are using psychometric tests as part of their recruitment procedures in order to predict future workplace behaviour of candidates, therefore generating successful recruitment.

This one day workshop looks at how you can recruit the right people with the right behaviours, in order to deliver a superior performance and reduce the costs of getting it wrong.

Learning Outcomes include:

  • How to recruit the right people for your culture
  • Assess behavioural style and it’s effect on performance
  • Using psychometric tests for better recruitment
  • Understand the value of behaviour based interviewing

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