Coaching and Mentoring your Apprentice in the Workplace

Develop and support the modern apprentice


2 days

Course overview

This course introduces coaching and mentoring to enable team leaders and managers to train, develop and support the modern apprentice. Focusing on coaching, motivation, communication and feedback, this practical workshop will increase confidence and develop the knowledge and skills needed to support young apprentices in the workplace.

Who should attend?

Anyone with the responsibility for apprentices and their development. People who are delivering training to apprentices.

Course content

  • Understand your role in supporting young apprentices in the workplace
  • Recognise how to use coaching and mentoring to develop and support apprentices
  • Structure and plan a coaching and mentoring session
  • Practice the skills required of a coach and mentor
  • Improve your ability to influence your apprentice through understanding and communication
  • How to understand your own and your apprentice’s emotions
  • Effective Performance Management
  • Giving Meaningful Feedback

Benefits for the individual

  • Improve your ability to develop apprentices and help them reach their potential
  • Build on leadership and management skills
  • Develop skills in working with different levels of ability, confidence and motivation

Benefits for the organisation

  • Apprentices are supported and developed to enable them to perform more efficiently and effectively
  • Coaching and Mentoring can be utilised across all levels of staff
  • Build co-operation and teamwork throughout the organisation

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